Sleep Disorders

Getting enough sleep is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. We need adequate rest every night for many of the body’s functions including digestion, fighting illness, strengthening the immune system, repairing damaged tissues, hormonal balance, detoxification and maintaining cognitive health.

Many people suffer from poor sleep, either an inability to fall asleep easily  and/or an inability to stay asleep. Poor sleep can be an underlying factor in many common health conditions such as weight gain, poor digestive health, depression, anxiety and memory issues.

At Perth Health and Fertility we work with our patients to look at potential underlying nutritional deficiencies that may be contributing to sleep issues. Our practitioners also address lifestyle and nutritional factors that many people are unaware may be negatively impacting on sleep quality.  Diet, lifestyle, nutritional and herbal supplementation are successfully utilised by our practitioners to help our patients overcome all forms of sleep problems.