Fatigue/Adrenal Health

Waking feeling unrefreshed, big drops in energy in the afternoon, reaching for coffee, feeling unfocused, needing a sugary snack just to get through the day, being exhausted by the end of the day are all too common complaints these days. Life is not meant to be lived in a state of exhaustion. When people come to our clinic with complaints such as these the most important thing is to find out why, to work out what is the underlying cause.

Our naturopaths work to find the cause of your fatigue. Conditions such as poor thyroid health, poor blood sugar control, insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance, poor sleep quality and certain nutritional deficiencies can cause fatigue and can be found with specific testing and fixed. Finding the cause of your fatigue is essential to getting you back to health.

Poor sleep is very often a contributing factor, whether it is being unable to fall asleep, being unable to stay asleep or feeling that you can’t get into a deep sleep. Breaking unhealthy sleep habits and learning all about the field of medicine known as ‘sleep hygiene’ is important to recovery. Our practitioners use different pathology tests to identify any potential causative factors, as well as nutritional or herbal supplementation where appropriate to help break poor sleeping habits and assist the body in learning how to sleep well again.