Men’s Health

Men today are often very busy and have let their health take second place. Too often men ignore their health until they develop a chronic problem. At Perth Health and Fertility we love to see men come in and take a proactive approach to their health to address their concerns and age well. Growing concerns in the Australian population is men that begin the downward spiral of weight gain. A growing waist line is a giant red flag of looming poor health and poor aging. Cardiovascular problems, rising cholesterol levels, reflux and heartburn, constipation, diarrhoea, anxiety, stress, depression, reduced libido, poor sleep and a compromised immune system are common reasons men see our naturopathic practitioners.

A central part of our philosophy at Perth Health and Fertility is for our patients to understand what is happening on the inside, what biochemical changes are taking place due to diet, sleep issues, nutritional deficiencies and stress. Understanding causation is very motivating for our male patients and essential to long term change and restoration to health.

Out naturopaths will organise pathology testing where required and take the time to explain them to our patients so they can understand what may be causing their symptoms or contributing to their health issues and use them as markers during treatment to ensure the quickest road to improved health and proactive healthy aging.