We regularly get patients who come into our clinic wanting to do a ‘detox’. But what does that really mean? It is not just about taking some powders brought from a health food shop!

A detox means a time of specifically supporting your body’s organs of elimination to improve their function. At Perth Health and Fertility we approach detoxification wholistically, which means we aim to see you improve your digestion, your microbiome health and of course to learn which foods to eat to support your health. We also aim to ensure you improve sleep quality as a lot of detoxification happens at night whilst you sleep. The liver is a very important organ of detoxification and our practitioners work with you to improve liver function and ensure all phases of liver detoxification are working optimally. If needed certain tests can be done to look at the health of the main organs of elimination and with this knowledge our practitioners can structure a detoxification program to suit your individual needs.