Adverse reactions to food, topical and airborne substances can result in mild to severe (at times life threatening) reactions.  Symptoms can vary enormously and can include mild bloating, gut problems, excessive mucus production, itchy eyes, eczema, asthma and migraines to life threatening anaphylaxis requiring immediate medical attention.

Responses can range from IgE mediated allergies to IgG and IgA intolerances. Food intolerances, whilst not allergies can result in uncomfortable and distressing symptoms such headaches, digestive disturbances, behavioural changes and fatigue.

Another condition that can add to this complex area is histamine intolerance that can mimic allergic symptoms but results from the inability to breakdown and clear histamine effectively.

Using various testing our naturopaths work with patients to help them identify firstly what sort of reaction is causing their symptoms and then how best to address it.