Our Approach

Our Naturopaths are highly qualified specialists in the field of Natural Fertility Management who have been working with couples for years to help them overcome fertility issues. Anna and Lisa know how hard that journey can be for some couples and provide a gentle, empathetic, compassionate approach whilst utilising their knowledge, experience and expertise to make the journey to parenthood as short as possible.
Our naturopathic fertility specialists work with you as individuals to help address all areas of health that may be playing a role in compromised fertility. Some of our patients come to us to simply get healthy prior to conception; however most now seek our help to overcome fertility issues. Commonly we treat men and women with a known reproductive issue such as endometriosis, amenorrhoea, fibroids, PCOS or poor sperm health. A growing population that we also treat is couples with the diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’.

It is widely recognised that many lifestyle factors can compromise fertility. The most well-known include alcohol, recreational drug use and certain medications. Increasing attention is now being placed on other environmental factors such as exposures to heavy metals, radiation, pollutants and chemicals that may disrupt our hormonal system and result in impaired fertility. Our clinicians regularly attend seminars on toxicology to enable them to provide the best lifestyle advice available. It is empowering for our couples to learn all of the lifestyle changes they can make to enhance their fertility and in doing so also provide a safer home environment for their future family.

As trained naturopaths, nutritionists and medical herbalists Anna and Lisa work to accurately prescribe the best diet, nutritional program herbal medicine and lifestyle changes in order to ensure the best chance of conceiving as quickly as possible.

Our practitioners are some of the best trained fertility naturopaths in Australia. Treatment for each couple is always individualised, our naturopathic approach seeks to identify and treat the specific needs of each case. Working alongside a GP, Dr James Latto who has 3 decades of experience in addressing fertility and reproductive health issues, our approach aims to identify both physical and pathological barriers to conception as well as optimising health to shorten time to conception. Our practitioners recognise there is no ‘one size fits all’ treatment for fertility concerns and individualise treatment to provide the best care for each of our couples.