Female Fertility

Our Natural Fertility Specialists work extensively in the area of female reproductive health to help our patients achieve conception. For some of our patients it simply involves getting their body healthy and ready for the wonderful experience of carrying a baby. It involves an education about diet, exercise, exposures to exogenous toxins, pollutants and chemical oestrogens that could be harmful to their unborn baby. Our role in this case is to promote health and education to ensure each baby has the best start in life. It is also to ensure each woman has the healthiest pregnancy possible.

For some of our patients it involves solving complex health issues to help them achieve conception. Anna and Lisa have worked with countless women over the years to help them address issues such as;

  • amenorrhoea
  • endometriosis
  • PCOS
  • ovulatory disturbances
  • repeated miscarriage
  • fibroids

As well as addressing specific issues our practitioners help our patients understand the impact diet has on their reproductive health, their menstrual cycle and their future off spring. Anna and Lisa work with you to help you understand your menstrual cycle, identify ovulation and address any menstrual or ovulatory problems that may be impeding conception.

Using diet, nutritional and herbal medicine our practitioners are able to improve all aspects of female reproductive health. Successful treatment of female reproductive conditions can markedly reduce the time it takes to conceive and reduce the chances of miscarriage.