Weight loss can be difficult and isn’t as simple as calories in versus calories out. The truth is
there’s no one size fits all and there is certainly no magic pill. If you’ve had a long battle with
losing weight or keeping it off, this might be due to an underlying cause such as insulin
resistance, poor blood sugar control, liver issues, thyroid dysfunction, elevated cortisol,
inflammation or hormonal imbalance. Studies show successful long-term weight loss
programs needs to be simple, supportive, steady and sustainable so you keep the weight off
for good! We’ve designed our 8 Week Weight Loss Program with this in mind.

The program includes:
– 1 x Initial Consultation
– 2 x 30 minute follow-up appointments
-2 x 15 minute check-ins to measure your hard work and achievements

In addition, we will conduct an in-depth health and dietary assessment with a key focus
on dietary patterns, behaviours and obstacles, to help understanding driving factors and
implement eating habits conducive to weight loss. You will also receive a 8-week action
plan with specific focus goals for each week, as well as an easily structured eating
plan, outlining what to eat and more importantly when to eat! To get the ball rolling, we’ll
also include a two-week meal plan, as well as an eBook brimming with delicious
recipes to keep you inspired, satisfied and nourished.

This is no ordinary weight loss program. Patient education is integral to naturopathic
philosophy, so this program is designed to teach you how and what to eat for life, so you
can maintain your progress long term. Unlike an ordinary weight loss program,
we’ll investigate and correct underlying nutritional deficiencies or health problems that
could be preventing or inhibiting weight loss, to maximize your chances of success. Lastly,
to keep you in track, we’ll monitor you closely and give you the ongoing support, guidance
and motivation needed to make lasting changes. Our patients’ health is of top priority to us,
so join us on this 8 Week Program to make a lasting difference to your health and wellbeing.

Get started this spring and you’ll receive 10% off our package, paying only $435 (normally
$485). Contact our friendly admin team for more info by calling 9285 0998, emailing them at admin@phf.healthcare or using the
contact form.