November 20th: Healing PCOS Naturally

Back by popular demand!

PCOS is thought to affect up to 20% of the female population and yet there is still so much confusion and misinformation out there. Our understanding of PCOS is constantly expanding and changing. No longer is it a syndrome defined only by the presence of multiple cysts on the ovaries; in fact, ironically, the presence of cysts is not even required for diagnosis anymore.

Women are often diagnosed and left with few options to manage their symptoms and these options often involve suppression of ovarian function. PCOS is a syndrome that can be managed or reversed naturally and it all starts with education. In this talk, Chelsey will explore the different types of PCOS and where PCOS can be falsely labeled. If you have PCOS you will also learn how to:

– Understand the ins and outs of PCOS
– Regulate and promote ovulation for a regular menstrual cycle
– Manage the stubborn weight associated with PCOS
– Reduce symptoms associated with PCOS such as hirsutism (hair growth), acne, fatigue and depression
– Track your cycle naturally
– Eat a sustainable and balanced diet to reduce PCOS symptoms
– Implement lifestyle strategies to help manage your PCOS

This workshop is a safe space to ask questions and become empowered to naturally take control of your hormones.

Presenter: Chelsey Costa (BHSc Nat)
Date: Wednesday November 20th, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: Perth Health & Fertility, 1 Oban Road, City Beach
Tickets: $10 via Eventbrite (click here)

If you would like more information please email or call us on 9285 0998.

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