March 28th, 2019: Hormones And Weight Loss

The latest way to lose stubborn kilos is to hack your hormones – and it’s easier than you think.

Been pounding the pavement and drinking green juice every day but still not seeing any results? Your hormones may be to blame. Responsible for everything from controlling your appetite to energising your cells, hormones play a major role in how your body uses and stores fat.

When they’re working well, these little messengers can help you shed excess kilos and help you maintain your goal weight, but when they’re thrown out of whack – by your diet, stress levels or lack of sleep – they can stall or reverse your progress.

Join Naturopath Bobbie McPhail as she explains how weight gain and obesity are driven by hormones – in everyone – and how to create some life long habits that will improve your health and help you to maintain a healthy weight – for good.

Presenter: Bobbie McPhail
When: Thursday, March 28th
Time: 7:15 pm
Place: Perth Health and Fertility, 1 Oban Road, City Beach.
Tickets: $10 through Eventbrite.

Seats are limited so click here to book your ticket or call us on (08) 9285 0998 for more info!

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