March 18th: Healthy Skin from the Inside Out

A healthy outside comes from a healthy inside.

Acne is a common issue facing many people at some point in their lives, in varying degrees. There can be many causes of acne and it is important to understand the many factors that can cause, sustain or worsen your acne.

Join naturopath Chelsey Costa who will explore the ins and outs of acne and teach you:

  • Where to get started to investigate what is causing your acne
  • Dietary triggers and changes that can significantly improve acne
  • About underlying conditions that can lead to acne
  • How herbal medicine can be used to clear acne
  • About important nutrients to consider for acne management
  • How to manage post-oral contraceptive pill acne
  • About cost-effective topical products that can help while internal factors are being addressed
  • So much more!

Say goodbye to unwanted breakouts and hello to naturally glowing and beautiful skin!

Presenter: Chelsey Costa
Date: Wednesday March 18th
6:30 pm
 Perth Health & Fertility, 1 Oban Road, City Beach
Tickets: $10 via Eventbrite (click here)

Seats are limited so click here to book your tickets, or call us on 9285 0998 for more info.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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