February 26th: Healthy School Lunches

As parents, one of our biggest aims is to help our children thrive at school, physically, emotionally and socially. So much of this comes down to what we feed our children, and the effect those foods have on ours kids’ health, energy levels, mood and ability to focus. Temper tantrums, fatigue, anxiety, lack of concentration and poor immune health are so often linked to the foods we feed our children (and the effect these foods have on blood sugar levels), so learning how to nourish their minds and bodies with a healthy school lunch is a fantastic place to start!

Geared towards busy parents, this workshop is designed to provide you with practical, targeted and evidence-based advice to ensure the foods you feed your kids each day can help them thrive. The research is clear that good nutrition is linked to a wide variety of benefits in school-aged children, including:

  • Improved academic performance
  • Better immune function
  • Decreased susceptibility to coughs and colds
  • Greater concentration in class
  • Reduced rates of anxiety and depression
  • Enhanced social and academic wellbeing

If you’re a parent or carer of school-aged children, this is the perfect back-to-school workshop to help your kids start off on the right foot (or fork!) this year. See below for more details:

Presenter: Niki Cleuet
Date: Wednesday February 26th
7:00 pm
Perth Health & Fertility, 1 Oban Road, City Beach
Tickets: $10 via Eventbrite (click here)

Seats are limited so click here to book your tickets, or call us on 9285 0998 for more info.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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